Creative Marketing Strategies in NYC

Inspirational Ideas for Building Your Brand

Advertisements are everywhere.  What makes us remember some and forget others?  This page is devoted to creative marketing strategies seen in NYC, and is meant for inspiration to all small business owners looking for creative ways to market your business, or how to start a new creative marketing strategy.

History Channel - Swamp People

Creative Ad for Swamp People

Exiting the Train at Lexington Avenue one morning I noticed this memorable advertisement.  Here is a great example of a how to build your brand.

Pest Control

Inflatable Rat, Presumably for Pest Control

Also in the same area, I noticed a large inflatable rat similar to this one, presumably for a pest control service.  While this is not quite as creative (a quick google search will turn up tons of inflatable rats) it still provides a little more visibility than your typical advertisement.

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